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F.N. 6-17/Comp/NVS (PR)/2008/                                                               Date: 28.05.2008

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The Principals,

All JNVs Under Pune Region



Sub.: Updating Vidyalaya Website & Uploading of data-reg

Ref.: 1. This office letter F.N. 6-17/Comp/NVS (PR)/2008/535 dated 8/5/08

        2. NVS Hqrs. letter F.20-15-2007-NVS (Acad) dated 7.5.2008

        3. NVS Hqrs. letter F. 20-15-2007-NVS (Acad) dated 27.5.2008           




With reference to the above a detailed letter was written urging the Principals to ensure that the Vidyalaya website is updated and all the 22 points mentioned in JC, Admn., Sh. Alok Verma’s letter were communicated to help in compiling information pertaining to Vidyalaya for uploading on to the website.  The last date given was 20.5.2008. But, except for one Vidyalaya none have responded which again shows lack of enterprise and interest in doing the assigned tasks. 


            NVS Hqrs has again written a strong letter cited under ref. 3 extending the date to 30.5.2008 and has stated that strong action will be initiated against those who have not completed the task.  It is hoped that this matter will be taken seriously and a status report/completion report be mailed to this office and to Sh. Alok Verma, JC (Admn), NVS, New Delhi by 30.5.2008 without fail. 


The following format has been given by the NVS Hqrs for submitting completion report which should also be sent along with the report. 


Sr. No.




Complete Postal Address of the JNV with Pin Code


Fax No. & Phone No. with STD Code


Website of the JNV


E-mail ID


Status of the web page (with reference to instruction issued vide letter dated 7.5.2008)










Yours faithfully,




Assistant Commissioner (Acad/Trg)


Copy to:

  1. The Joint Commissioner (Admn.), NVS, New Delhi
  2. The Computer Operator, NVS, RO, Pune with instructions to upload on RO website. 


To Down load Format visit:-




 Ref. F.6-17/Comp/NVS(PR)/2008/                                                   Date: 8th May, 2008.



The Principals

All Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas



          Sub: Updating of the Vidyalaya website and uploading of data reg…


          Ref.: NVS Hqrs.  letter No.  20-15/2007-NVS(Acad) dt. 07.05.2008.


Sir/ Madam,

          The vision of creating website for each and every Vidyalaya was not realized because we failed to actively update the data on to the website and helping the public access the information. Many of the questions coming under RTI Act could be avoided if the websites are updated regularly.  At the instant the NVS Hqrs has contemplated on this and extended the usefulness of the website to become a data bank which can be accessed by the RO, Hqrs and may be others.

          In view of the above you are requested to go through the letter of NVS Hqrs attached herewith closely and do the needful. Very soon we will be watching your website to see if you are on the job or not. The NVS Hqrs wishes that the website should be updated with all the information suggested by 20.05.2008. You will need to pay for assistance in this regard and it will be allowed within the acceptable limits.

 No delay will be appreciable please.

Yours faithfully,


Encl.: As Above.

Copy to: Joint Commissioner(Admn), NVS Hqrs, New Delhi.



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